Salim Singh ki Haveli Jaisalmer

Salim Singh-ki-Haveli was constructed almost 300 years back. The name of this haveli or palace was named after its owner who was called Salim Singh Mohta. Salim Singh-ki-Haveli is an impressive structure that is adorned with an exquisite pavilion.

This pavilion is situated on top of the building of Salim Singh. The building has a roof that is built in an arched style and has peacock carvings on the walls. The balconies, walls are all covered with imperial paintings. There is a remarkable painting of a man wearing a black turban. This painting has been made in a Mughal style. The Moti Mahal within the Haveli of Salim Singh has been constructed by skilled and adept workmen. This was the mansion where dances used to be held in order to entertain the courtiers and the royal gentry. It is located right below a hill. The structure has two extra storeys made out of pure wood. The structure has been built amidst calm and serene surroundings.