Patwon ki Haveli Jaisalmer

The Patwon-ki- Haveli was constructed during the period between the year of 1800 and 1860 by five brothers of Jain religion. One of the prominent Jaisalmer attractions, Patwon-ki-Haveli is famous for its exquisite work of mirrors on the walls and ceilings and exclusive paintings of the traditional times.

An architectural marvel of the bygone era, the Patwon-ki- Haveli comprises of five distinct units. One of the havelis of the Patwon-ki- Haveli has been turned into a museum and a shop that has a vast reserve of antique furniture and decorative goods. The government is responsible for the upkeep of the sprawling second and fifth havelis. The interested tourists can visit the ground floor of the second haveli.

The third haveli of the huge Patwon-ki- Haveli is a shop that offers the tourists with a wonderful opportunity to explore the rich and traditional art and craft work of the local craftsmen of the ancient period. The last section of the haveli is inhabited and is therefore not available for public view.

The Patwon-ki- Haveli reflects the unique architecture of Jaisalmer of the traditional times in Rajasthan. The splendid monument adds to the old glory and grandeur of the place. The sprawling historical monument draws several tourist from far and wide who are absolutely awed by the grand architecture of the Patwon-ki- Haveli.